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Am Happy To Bring You A Real Monetization Program For Your Content

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on February 10, 2019

CLIXLR8 ONLINE – ULTIMATE PROFIT BUILDERS will easily and readily monetize any content you submit as guest post on their blog.

This is more than a business opportunity for anyone who considers themself a genuine digital marketer who is serious about promoting quality content in order to be paid (like an author earning royalties for his/her work).

CLIXLR8 ONLINE does not buy content, you simply submit a guest post, pay for the service of getting your content optimized for SEO, promoted to various content marketing networks and sending you quality targeted traffic from a list of premium traffic ad campaign services provided.

This is for anyone who want to do branding, advertising and getting the word out on the content you generate aimed at getting the right people to engage and interact on a viral level with your content.


Come Make Your Own  Monetization Content With CLIXLR8 ONLINE

Currently the Domain Authority of the site is 25 with a decent Page Authority of 30 and trust me in the next Twelve (12) these quality scores will be much, much higher and you already know that the price of a guest post on a spam free DA50 site is usually north of $500.00 using an average low end pricing method.

Domain Authority CLIXLR8 ONLINE


The medium term goal of the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Program is to achieve top ranking for content creation and content monetization services that will serve to benefit the digital marketer immensely.

The focus is to become the go to medium for monetizing and earning from your content. The business model is designed around offering a quality service of penetrating reach and affordability with the opportunity to enjoy a higher than industry average return on investment – R.O.I.

Content marketing platforms earn big from high volume, highly targeted traffic which helps to boost engagement and promote greater awareness of the works of the digital marketer in the content creation and content marketing space. This is the purpose that the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Program aims to fulfil.

This system will become a catalyst to building and earning well deserved income on behalf of business oriented bloggers, content marketers, seo practitioners, business owners, product promoters and affiliate marketers.

clixlr8 online marketing platform

CLIXLR8 ONLINE Ultimate Profit Builders – Premium Service Offers

We have priced the following services (for those who really want to make money) below at $100.00 each as part of our full suite web marketing to our premium subscribers:

  • Write and SEO Optimize Two 1200 Word Niche Topic Articles
  • 100 High Articles DA50+ Backlinks To Your Guest Post
  • 25,000 Keyword Targeted Guaranteed Views To Your Guest Post – this offer is monetized as a revenue share offer. You will be paid $2.50 per CPM plus your $100 back if you’re a premium upgraded member. May order as many times you want
  • Guest Post Placed On Homepage For 30 Days Unlimited Views
  • Share Guest Post Link To 200 Influencers In Outreach Network
  • Create A Youtube Video From A Guest Post And Send 10,000 Views
  • Place Top Banner In Post For Your Affiliate Link For 30 Days
  • Sponsor Text Ad In Post For Your Affiliate Link For 30 Days
  • Keyword Contextual Links In Any Post of Your Choice For 30 Days
  • Add a Signup Form For Your Autoresponder Inside Your Guest Post

As of April 19, 2019 our premium members service offers will be updated to reflect our regular monthly subscription service charge and no longer as introductory offers:

Bronze Premium from $27 per month to $97 per month

Silver Premium from $37 per month to $197 per month

Gold Premium from $47 per month to $297 per month

Our services are designed for (serious) digital marketers who are desirous of being consulted with and guided on the strategies and methods how to economically, effectively and efficiently run an online business and run a business online.



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This Blog Belongs to You

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on November 15, 2008

If you are here for the first time, welcome, I started this blog only yesterday and plan to make as interesting as possible.

Eventually this blog will adapt the professional title if Royan Shaw dot Com and will offer everythiong from the drapes to the kitchen sink as far as value is concerned.

At the moment I will need to secure the service of an assistant moderator who can work with me in filling this blog with worthwhile discussionable content for participation by members.

Fees are proposed at 25 USD per 3 article post for discussion at a maximum of 10 topics per month plus 25% of the total income accrued from displaying various ads on this blog ().

if you are reading this and is interested, go ahead please sign up.

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Flirt For Fun Get 7 Tips on How to Flirt

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on June 13, 2019

A resolute guide on how to flirt for seductive fun in a mutually understanding way as well as flirting for love and romance.

This is available as a free download here: Flirt For Fun | 7 Tips on How to Flirt

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Get Paid To Blog, Create Content & Make Money Online With Our Affiliate Program

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on February 14, 2019

The information below has be sourced from: https://www.clixlr8.com/clicksellerated

Get Paid To Help Us Cross The 10K Mark This Year

Attention: Member,

First you need to complete the following actions:

  1. Re-confirm your email subscription and next
  2. Whitelist Our Newsletter Email.So you don’t miss special bonuses and updates
  3. Upgrade Your Membership To Premium. This still has an early bird offer but will be increased come April 19 to allow you to earn more from your commissions

Members joining from April 19 will choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold Premium Account.

Our target audience is aimed at business owners and individuals seeking to promote their business and products with SEO Content Marketing. There will be a distinction between members publishing content they can add monetization and advertisers who wish to promote their business and product line on the CLIXLR8 ONLINE Platform.

Affiliates you will earn from the premium membership referrals you send us as follows:

Bronze Premium – $48.50 paid per referral

Silver Premium – $98.50 paid per referral

Gold Premium – $148.50 paid per referral

Recommended Email Swipe You Can Use:


Come over and get paid in HELPING us to
meet our MODEST target of 10,000 new
CLIXLR8 ONLINE members for this year.

Effective April 19 this year you
will earn commissions as follow:

Bronze upgrade $48.50 paid monthly per referral
Silver upgrade $98.50 paid monthly per referral
Gold upgrade $148.50 paid monthly per referral

Interested in recruiting for our online program?
Sign up today and start helping us to promote
You will earn significant income for your work.


You may use the above swipe and forward it to your email list to recruit members to the program and get paid good commission whenever they upgrade on the platform.


NOTE: Our membership options are now at an introductory low (free members will only earn credits) so it’s best to take advantage of a premium membership at the low price being offered. See Our Membership Options Here


500 Bonus Clicks, Post Yours Ads, Get Paid For Content, Earn Cash and Traffic Rewards For Your Activities


Credit Based Income For Activity System 

You will earn CLX credits from all of your activities which you can convert to BITCOINS at 2 CLX : 1 Satoshi if you’re a free member and for premium member your credits can be converted for up to 1 CLX : 5 Satoshi.

You can convert your credit to any other coin of your choice as we use Coin-Payments to make payment to members – Open Your Coin-Payments Account. We convert every 10,000 CLX credits earned from your activities to One ($1.00) Dollar – paid to qualifying members active for and average of 30 hours or earning 100,000 CLX from your activities each month – Tip #1 refer traffic to your own ads and get paid for the traffic. Post Your Ad Now to start earning.

Activity Based Income Conversion (Free and Premium)

Free and Premium Members Earn Earn CLX for:

  • Registration (1000 credits),
  • Login Daily (10 – 50 credits),
  • Reading Posts (10 – 75 credits),
  • Referring traffic (2 – 10 credits),
  • Referring sign-ups (100 – 750 credits),
  • Referring Sales (Free members – 25%; Basic-Pro – 50%; Gold Premium – 75%; Site Partner – 90%),
  • Viewing Videos (1 – 1000 credits),
  • Posting Comments (10 – 50 credits)
  • Plus credits for visiting and sharing Links and Content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.
  • Effective May 1, 2018 conversion rate 1 CLX : 5 Satoshi (Premium Offer)
  • Premium Bitcoin faucets paying up to 100,000 Satoshi Daily (Premium Members)
  • Spin & Win For Free Members Qualifying for cash bonuses and extra traffic rewards
  • After you login you will be redirected here to post you content to start a topic or promote your ad.
  • To read content, comment and share for credits and use your credits for cash and traffic go here
  • After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $69,040.00 in cash prizes

Clixlr8 Sign Button

Before You Join Click Here To Get The Faq’s


Premium Members Get A Full Service Advertising & Marketing Deal

You should opt for a Premium Account.  You will receive the all the above benefits plus what is available here

In addition we provide the following optional services any time you need it we’re here to help you one on one :

Extra benefits for premium members who need help with their advertising and marketing 

  • If you support your business with a website we analyse your website in line with your business goals
  • Social media marketing influencing consultancy as we have described on our membership option page
  • Get paid 3x more than free members from the income generated from monetizing the content posted
  • Get your articles converted to videos and we have your videos optimized for more views and YT ranking
  • Lead generation from Solo Ads by our mailing your posts to 100,000 premium lists and viral mailers
  • Rewrite and SEO optimized your posts so your posts get higher ranking on the search engines SERP’s
  • Get paid for clicks you send us when advertisers purchases solo ads if you send our ads to your list
  • Our Premium is affordable Basic Premium $37.00 Monthly and Gold Premium $47.00 Monthly
  • After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share $69,040.00 in cash prizes


All Members Earn Credits – Use Your Credits To Post Standard Ads Onsite

Sticky Page Login Ads Full Front Page 1 month unlimited display- 500,000 CLX credits

125 x 125 banner ad 1 month unlimited display front page 500,000 CLX credits

468 x 60 banner ad in login area 1 month unlimited display 350,000 CLX credits

728 x 90 banner ad on Post Offer page 1 month unlimited display 420,000 CLX credits

728 x 90 banner on Content List Display Page 1 month unlimited display 420,000 CLX credits

Send Your Post To min. 1500 Subscribers Maximum Three (3) Submissions Per Week (Just be Active)

(More Advertising Options To Come)

This website offers different and more diverse ways of marketing approaches rather than just marketing with the outdated method of using safe lists as a sole source method to advertise and market online.

Top Tip:

Best method to use to build your credit is to join our affiliate program after you join use your referral link to drive traffic and build your credit quickly easily, use that credit to get traffic and to buy advertising plus bonus cash for your site activity – it’s easy and simple and will boost your marketing and earn an income for you:-

Clixlr8 Sign Button

Before You Join Click Here To Get The Faq’s

After you join please ensure you check out our referral contest to share  in cash prizes

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I am thinking of Forex Trading and the Stock Market

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on February 26, 2009

I have set up this blog for a while now but have not yet quite exactly what i am going to use it for.
I am thinking of Forex Trading and the Stock Market plus all the goodies you can get from using the internet to the best advantage for any business or individual who may be interested in learning how to seriously build up a knowledge base of how to seek and find prosperity from genuine information and making the best effort at it.

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Zazzle Store Front

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on January 28, 2009

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Shaggy Blue Parrot Sample Storefront

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on January 28, 2009

create & buy custom products at Zazzle
Buy A Reggae Pickney Product Here

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I Need Moderators For This Blog

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on January 26, 2009

Post: Moderator

Fee: Based on community size and the amount of friends you invite over

Rates: USD $6.50 to $12.50 per hour

Time: three hour login required may be need for up to five hours a day.

A great part-time income opportunity sign up now and get the ball rolling.

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Make More Money As An Artiste

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on December 8, 2008

I am a member of a newly entrepreneurial association called FGP Associates consisting mainly of persons with professional qualifications in the areas of accounting,finance,business and economics.

We have duly noted that the music industry and the entertainment business as  a whole has been consistently ignored in favour of others such as the tourism industry and foreign investors as far as any Government of the day is concerned with respect to policies, focus and assistance. You should know from reading this that no significant economic boost has ever been received by you from anyone outside your sector.

We believe however that the music industry and other creative entities do have the potential to out-perform any other sector vis-a-vi foregn exchange and economic growth for this blessed piece of rock called Jamaica.

As music industry entrepreneurs you only need to expand your income potential and one way of doing so is by increasing the income you earn from your “name” and your “face” and not just your voice.

Face and Name Explained

FGP Associates would like to take this opportunity to make a proposal to you the artiste. We would like to let you know as an established creative talent that the time is ripe and overdue for you to take your name and face more seriously rather than just your lyrics, music and stage performances.

Are the rights to use your image and your trademark being protected internationally?

If not, then it’s time to have a serious talk with your management and your legal advisors, because, chances are, some savvy “entrepreneur” (slash: hustler) just might be cashing in on your name and your face somewhere in the Far East and Europe right now as we speak.

Branding and merchandising provides a wide income opportunity stream for the average creative talent who has a name out there. Money from branding rights are earned far more easier than waiting on a cheque to be issued from royalties, publishing, record sales and stage performances.


Luckily you asked, branding is an avenue that represents a highly lucrative source of extra income due to the ease of reaching prospective customers via the use of technology and the internet.

If you have already made a name for yourself, then, it is likely you already have a list a list of potential customers from your My Space Community. It’s difficult for the average name out there to accumulate a list of friends of 10,000 or more within 12 – 24 months of putting your name out there. Your myspace community forms a first base to promote and earn from your brand.

Your branding opportunity can be had from any or every item in the list provided below:

  • T-Shirts
  • Postage cards
  • Cups and Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Business cards
  • Kids Stuff
  • Bags
  • Bumper stickers
  • Etc; Etc;

Visit this link: www.zazzle.com/shawz1* for a complete list if items

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Cool Jamaican Awards

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on November 20, 2008

I am think of a fantastic prize to offer anyone who can send me a great story about someone who they consider to be a cool Jamaican.

Tell us about that someone, be it a celeb, a friend, a family member, any one as long as he or she is a Jamaican.

Each entry will go towards the various cool jamaican wards available with a fantastic prize offered to the segment winner each week, month and year.

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Submit Your Jokes for Credit

Posted by CLIXLR8 ONLINE on November 20, 2008

You can earn free mobile fone credit for each joke you submit in this category.

Original jokes receive $0.10 USD worth of fone credit each.

Jokes already published online will receive $0.05 worth of fone credit each.

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